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We Care About the Oral Health of the Entire Family

Our dentists offer the best in preventive and restorative dental care with years of experience and education behind them. From filling a cavity to dealing with periodontal disease, our team can serve all ages from children to senior citizens. We are here to provide oral health care to your entire family with all the compassion and care every family member deserves. Book an appointment now to see what sets us apart from other dental practices.

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We offer what you and your family need to keep a happy and healthy mouth. Services include preventive care like routine dental cleanings, X-rays, and early cavity detection. We also offer endodontics, treatment of gum disease, extractions, and crowns among our many services.

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Dentists That Offer Modern Tech With Less Anxiety

Our digital X-ray equipment gets you through your exam faster and with less stress as results are almost immediate. Sedation therapy can help those who have high anxiety about seeing a dentist. An abundance of TVs and a compassionate staff help make your visit one that makes you comfortable rather than anxious.

The Cost of Excellent Dental Care Just Got Affordable

Prime Time Dental makes an extra effort to keep the cost of dental care within range of a family budget. We can confirm your insurance and provide you with transparent pricing, showing you the out-of-pocket costs. We also can discuss payment options with you to keep your oral health care within your budget. Dental care is more affordable than you think!
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Preventive Care Can Save Both Money and Teeth

One of the biggest problems with dental issues is that people wait too long to deal with them. That can lead to serious oral health care problems like gum disease, missing, damaged, or decayed teeth, and even oral cancer. Scheduling a routine exam twice a year and an X-ray once a year can save money because it catches problems early. Early treatment costs less than treatment after the damage is done. Call or book an appointment for an exam today!

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Say goodbye to plaque and tartar without spending a dime. Our expert dental team is ready to make your smile shine.